以前通っていた英会話教室のアメリカ人先生が教えてくれたオンライン・フォニックス・プログラムのClickN kidsを久々に思い出してHPをみてみた。

うちの息子、全然読みの練習をしなかったんで(母は読み聞かせをしているうちに自然に読めるようになるもんだと本気で思っていました。。。当時フォニックスなんて言葉も知らなかった。。)、小1になってレッスンのなかでも本格的に読みを取り入れることになった時に全然読めなくて、わたし、びっくりしたのを覚えてます。  な、ことがあって娘にはしっかりフォニックスを取り入れてきたんですが、、これはまた別の機会に。

このプログラムの舞台は宇宙船。かっちょいい(笑)乗り物にのったわんこが問題を出してくれて正解すればその調子~!とか言ってくれます。当時息子は夢中になってやっていたな 対象学年はk~G3。
clickn kids phonics 1   clickn kids phonics 2

このプログラムは100回のレッスンで成り立っていて、100レッスン終了後にまた別の兄弟で登録すれば同じように使えるそうです。期限もなし。つまり保証は一生涯! ←保険のCM?!

で、うちは娘用にタイピングの練習もかねてClickN SPELLに申し込みました。

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1 am, am
2 am, sam
3 am, mat, at, sam, tam, sat
4 am, mat, at, sam, tam, sat
5 am, mat, at, sam, tam, sat
6 dan, cat, am, at, am, dad
7 dan, sad, can, tan, mat, sat
8 cot, tad, nod, tom, cat, on
9 con, tad, nod, sad, not, mat
10 hat, cat, mac, ham, mat, hot
11 a, the, got, at, cog, sad, on, hat
12 a, the, rat, got, ran, tan, hot, am
13 a, the, bat, sob, ham, bog, not, ban
14 a, the, bat, rag, bag, nab, ran, bad
15 a, the, it, rag, sod, in, mit, dig, bat, mat, hat, rat, sat
16 a, the, is, in, bag, Tod, had, rid, it, bit, mit, hit, fit, sit
17 a, the, is, of sit, am, in, not, bat, rag, bog, hog, cog, fog, log
18 a, the, is, of, hop, pig, cap, pan, nip, pot, hot, got, dot
19 the, is, of, you, wag, pot, win, cot, wig, on, pan, can, man, tan, dan
20 a, of, you, to, job, wag, jim, pot, jam, hit, hid, bid, did, rid, did
21 is, of, the, to, you, up, cot, jim, hug, jim, cup, rip, hid, ban, dot, rid, got, hats, pots, sits, caps, cot, cats
22 for, the, is, you, fin, can, fun, fan, win, can, rip, lid, cot, hid, lot, bats, pots, cat, fits, dog, tots, fig, wins
23 for, the, to, is, a, men, cut, fun, had, wet, jug, hid, hit, got, did, lit
24 pet, cot, jig, jet, wet, jug, into, for, the, is, pan, dan, fan, ran, tan
25 pan, fat, bin, hid, fog, up, into, for, the, is, hats, pots, bag, sits, dog, caps, cot, cats
26 kid, bag, fad, kit, jet, kip, is, for, into, to, red, ted, fed, bed, led
27 thin, rug, that, kit, path, jet, were, for, into, to, bug, hug, mug, tug, jug, hats, pots, bag, sits, dog, caps, cot, cats
28 lid, that, fell, can, mill, path, were, the, said, is, sun, fun, bun, fun, run, sanded, potted, bag, slipped, end, capped, wish, petted
29 fox, that, lid, box, mix, wit, said, were, for, to, sun, bid, did, fun, rug, landed, potted, tag, flipped, tap, flapped, wish, kidded
30 box, bath, lid, fix, leg, gum, into, said, were, of, led, bat, lid, sat, fed, lads, pots, tag, flip, taps, flap, laps, kid
31 vet, thin, vat, mix, vim, path, said, were, they, into, sand, band, hand, land, runs, pots, tag, cats, hat, dogs, bid, kids
32 yet, gull, vat, yen, bath, yup, they, I, said, were, lent, bent, gent, went, tent, pots, landed, tagged, sands, kidded, flipped, pitted, walks
33 zap, pen, zig, yen, fax, yup, all, they, I, said, fin, bin, win, tin, grin
34 zap, pen, zig, yen, fax, yup, they, I, there, all, bank, sank, thank, tank, crank
35 chip, yup, zig, chat, shop, chin, there, all, what, I, lump, dump, bump, pump, jump, pots, land, tags, sand, kids, flips, cat, bumps
36 shin, tap, bash, shop, zap, math, there, come, all, what, cop, mop, flop, shop, pop, mopped, land, tagged, sand, shipped, flipped, flop, bumped
37 chin, yet, chop, shop, rich, rip, there, come, over, what, fish, Trish, dish, wish, dots, fished, tagged, lands, kidded, slips, pitted, walks
38 in, yet, big, chip, man, cot, what, come, she, over, cap, lap, snap, wrap, rap
39 whip, chip, wham, box, not, when, over, was, she, come, feed, seed, weed, freed, speed
40 men, jig, rid, box, wham, red, was, over, she, want, day, say, may, play, spray, plays, spotted, fished, mats, played, flips, stayed, walks
41 when, shell, wham, yip, chat, rant, want, she, my, was, took, book, cook, crook, brook, plays, spotted, fished, mats, played, flips, stayed, walks
42 quiz, path, quit, yet, when, such, my, want, by, was, tip, hip, ship, trip, whip
43 when, shell, with, thud, quiz, quit, want, my, or, by, night, right, tight, flight, bright
44 quit, chunk, with, gill, yet, or, by, know, my, till, hill, gill, grill, drill
45 her, when, fern, stern, quiz, zip, her, saw, or, by, know, how, cow, now, plow, brow, plowed, spotted, plotted, nets, played, flops, bumped, ships
46 fern, mask, slip, her, skip, quit, or, know, have, saw, fin, bin, pin, shin, thin
47 eel, fern, glee, lifted, sheen, whiz, have, two, saw, know, fall, ball, tall, thrall, hall, sunny, Tilly, buggy, flashy, Danny, foggy, whiney, stumpy, mate, fate, dime, came, late, same
48 pack, chip, lock, chips, quick, stack, saw, two, one, have, cow, how, now, plow, brow, funny, Sandy, flashy, lumpy, Tammy, yucky, floppy, whiney, tame, fate, hope, tape, cane, kite
49 bee, chips, luck, feet, quack, steeper, two, one, very, have, pack, quack, shack, black, track, tame, dime, cave, tape, cane, kite
50 out, pout, noun, coffee, luck, quick, very, says, two, one, best, quest, pest, chest, test, loopy, Sandy, flashy, lumpy, Timmy, yucky, Jimmy, whiney, bane, tape, mate, mite, same, came
51 new, cloud, stew, wheel, found, drew, he, very, says, one, pub, club, tub, flub, dub, note, like, base, mate, game, note
52 mound, back, pouch, chat, queen, pout, he, me, says, very, pick, quick, click, trick, slick, bringing, running, fishing, walking, standing, finding, stopping, whining
53 chew, check, flew, grew, sound, bee, we, me, says, he, ring, wing, sing, spring, thing, ringing, winking, singing, walking, thinking, running, standing, sitting
54 try, drew, dry, steel, cloud, fly, me, be, he, we, fine, wine, shine, whine, pine, cute, cape, hate, plane, pine, woke
55 car, shy, tart, cheek, hard, trying, me, their, be, we, fale, tale, pale, bale, talking, run, singing, jogging, fake, zinging, sapping, walk
56 car, crew, far, hard, yarn, slip, their, who, be, we, bake, take, cake, lake, batting, pot, baking, taking, run, faking, forget, singing
57 green, sharp, trout, trick, chat, from, who, their, be, bum, drum, gum, plum, slum, plane, cape, came, fate, rate, tote
58 now, chow, newer, brown, slip, started, their, are, who, from, block, rock, dock, clock, knock, knocking, pot, chopping, robbing, run, blow, sipping, drip
59 bow, barking, tower, chow, drab, chip, from, are, no, who, ride, bride, glide, tide, side, note, mine, spoke, grime, quite, brake
60 ball, yet, calm, malt, farmer, halter, are, no, so, from, bum, rum, glum, tum, sum, funny, Tam, sandy, Jimmy, run, bumpy, grumpy, drippy
61 salt, shout, taller, beet, farmer, brown, so, go, no, are, bunk, junk, trunk, stunk, chunk, tummy, run, sandy, Tom, grungy, tips, zippy, dog
62 day, salt, play, pay, marker, target, no, any, so, cab, lab, flab, slab, blab, training, runny, sanding, baggy, rainy, tipping, zips, fogging
63 say, card, staying, fix, sprays, always, go, any, both, so, duck, truck, buck, cluck, luck, trainer, runny, sander, runner, sands, walking, fogger, jogging
64 room, egg, school, mound, moon, bark, room, both, where, any, go, clam, ham, Sam, slam, trains, runs, sanding, walks, sandy, jogger, logs, talks
65 loon, queen, tooth, school, frown, quarter, both, where, good, any, pail, fail, pail, nail, rail
66 tall, quiz, chew, halt, quarter, shout, where, friend, both, good, feed, need, speed, greed, seed
67 coat, clay, float, halt, frown, room, friend, because, good, where, pain, grain, sprain, rain,
68 clay, drew, say, shout, tray, float, because, put, friend, good, bore, wore, tore, chore, more, batting, potting, runs, fitted, dogging, wins, fogging, takes
69 foam, cooled, coat, cloud, chew, float, because, put, kind, friend, line, fine, pine, whine, mine, batter, potter, runner, fitting, dodger, winning, fogger, talker
70 rain, pain, boat, foam, chew, mail, kind, find, put, because, grout, spout, pout, scout, shout, bats, pots, running, fits, digger, winner, fogs, talker
71 sea, beat, team, eat, tray, rain, put, do, find, kind, grain, sprain, chain, train, pain, salty, toasty, soaped, sloppy, bugs, whiney, fogger, talky
72 trail, treated, stain, away, claim, trail, find, move, do, kind, bought, thought, fought, sought, ought, faulty, bumping, gummy, sleepy, dads, breezy, sticky, freaks
73 beat, trees, heating, float, seated, healing, find, little, move, do, nice, lice, mice, slice, rice, drafty, salty, grains, winded, funny, sun, trendy, tinny
74 girl, gain, dirt, shirt, steady, taller, little, walk, do, move, claw, flaw, saw, straw, drafts, salty, grains, winds, runs, sunny, tracks, tacks
75 gain, train, bird, trail, away, stir, again, move, walk, little, rubber, shrub, club, glub, flubber, ticketed, bumpy, walked, slopped, works, breezed, stays, freaked
76 stirring, coffee, whirl, thirsty, shampoo, shirt, again, something, walk, little, cell, dwell, tell, well, smell, ticking, bumping, walked, slopping, works, breezing, stays, freaking
77 streaming, shirt, whirl, each, cheat, march, walk, something, water, again, life, knife, wife, fife, sticky, bumping, jumpy, sloppy, tacking, breezy, kicks, freaky
78 knife, knee, shirt, knit, each, knob, water, house, something, again, stout, spout, pout, shout, sticks, bumping, jumps, slops, tacking, breezy, kicks, stacked
79 wrap, wrist, knit, wrote, knob, fray, house, thought, water, something, ring, spring, ping, fling, sling, sticky, bumpy, jumping, sloppy, tacky, breezed, kicks, freaky
80 swing, wrist, long, knit, sing, fang, thought, bear, water, house, foot, soot, footing, prefix, prerecord, prearranged, predict, predetermined
81 banging, wrist, ding, things, knee, lung, bear, table, house, thought, bore, tore, lore, chore, store, reread, redo, rebuild, retrace
82 tanker, wrist, pink, honk, sink, long, table, once, thought, bear, loot, toot, shoot, boot, hoot, submarine, subway, subset, subsoil
83 cell, ice, honk, cent, long, sink, table, once, earth, bear, born, thorn, morn, scorn, acorn, disagree, disassemble, disband, disentangle
84 age, cell, gem, page, sting, germ, earth, ocean, table, once, came, game, fame, shame, tame, misbehave, miscount, miscue, mishap
85 for, gem, sort, forest, cent, orbit, ocean, believe, once, earth, boil, soil, foil, toil, oil, nonliving, nonsense, nonstop, nonresident
86 boring, corner, cell, glory, germ, horn, earth, high, believe, ocean, grip, lip, ship, slip, tip
87 straw, glory, paws, pink, law, lawn, high, breath, ocean, believe, dash, flash, lash, mash, cash
88 crawl, short, hawk, sawmill, crawl, ice, high, heart, breath, believe, lick, quick, stick, trick, pick, suffix, playful, useful, joyful
89 hurt, hawk, burn, fur, drink, disturb, high, heart, noise, breath, good, hood, stood, wood, fearless, careless, useless, powerless
90 blur, nurse, rain, fur, cell, turning, laugh, heart, noise, breath, poke, stroke, joke, coke, closure, pleasure, exposure, puncture
91 turn, blur, germ, blurry, ray, nurse, noise, bread, heart, bride, wide, hide, tide, pride, impressive, conclusive, decisive, active
92 turkey, key, spur, honey, valley, long, bread, thought, noise, laugh, brown, crown, frown, town, down, correction, prediction, evaluation, collection
93 hockey, furnish, kidney, alley, forty, awful, once, bread, laugh, thought, shirt, first, whirl, stir, skirt
94 soil, honey, boil, points, spoil, alley, thought, fly, once, bread, bell, fell, cell, swell, shell
95 noisy, poison, money, joins, monkey, spoil, thought, fly, once, bread, bought, fought, sought, thought, brought
96 glue, blue, joins, true, awful, clue, fly, bread, been, earth, knife, life, strife, wife
97 due, knee, clue, pink, true, blue, fly, been, high, earth, bad, sad, lad, mad, lad
98 phone, due, photo, alphabet, coil, dolphin, high, laugh, earth, been, block, sock, lock, flock, dock
99 trophy, coil, phase, orphan, ice, nephew, laugh, high, been, sometime, brink, link, think, sink, mink, redo, subway, disagree, miscount, nonsense
100 boil, phase, toil, orphan, cell, question, window, been, sometime, laugh, gloat, boat, bloat, throat, moat, playful, fearless, puncture, impressive, prediction